clickity click. etc. tricking photos

click the little Raj to see the big Raj throwing aerials.

Raj - Aerial

And theres more photos from tonight here if you wanna see (tip: you do)
None of me tho, cause I was behind the camera.
Note to self: be in front of the camera.

Anyways… twas a good session. I was tanked up on Ibuprofen, due to a weak back about a week back, so I kinda had that ready brek glow about me… similarly, people might of thought I was on a crack / E cocktail tonight… kinda hyper, yet gurning and giggling all night. That said, I managed to chuck some flips on the non bouncy floor (which resembles that matting placed around kiddies play parks) … sidey flips and backflips thrown. lovely.

On the tramp I worked a little on my (wrong side) side flip rotations, I wanna get the spin quicker… and once I remembered that starting the damn things with my arms above my head and then whipping them into my chest, made everything a lot easier… I started getting somewhere with them. That’ll make a big difference once I chuck em that way on the flat.

What else? …. erm… well photos thats all.

done – out – mark


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