Skateboarding Kids in the Olympics

Whilst I’m clipping stuff out of the paper, I might as well show this. I got a photo published in the Independent newspaper today, which I’m quite stoked about. Its of 15yr old Sam Beckett skating at Brighton earlier this year. An invoice is in the post :)  cracking photo hey? And a good article by Ed Caesar, nice one mista. view the original shot here If anyone missed the article and wants to see it, let me know and I’ll upload a shot of it somewhere.




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2 responses to “Skateboarding Kids in the Olympics

  1. John Beckett

    Yeah, we agree! We are Sams parents and we are stoked! Any chance of a copy?

  2. hey John! glad to see you’ve found one of my ‘homes’ on the internet. I’ll email a large copy of the article to you, but if you missed the full article in the Independent, I can give you one of my copies when I’m next at Epic. All the best – mark.

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