Get out of your comfort zone..

its very easy to get in to a routine isn’t it? the places we go, to the people we meet and hang out with, the conversations we have etc. Its a comfort zone and it feels good, tho it also can stagnate us, wear us down and make us feel like options and possibilities are narrowing for us, rather than opening up.

We had a new coach at the gym last night. It was like the first day at school for him, and it felt like the longest night of my life for me. I’d gotten in to a routine of training and stretching that I was happy with, I enjoyed and I was mentally prepared for. When you’re expecting something and get something else, it generally unsettles us. It did for me anyway.

I’m an adult, and I’m at the gym for a specific reason… I’ve driven close to 30miles to get there and I’ve paid my hard earned cash. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to stand around getting bored and ‘cooling down’ whilst a new coach faffs about figuring out what to do next or how to ‘flow’ the training in order to keep the ‘clients’ happy.

I’m a patient person when I’m not on a mission… at the gym… I’m on a mission… and I became very impatient last night. I wasn’t an asshole… but I wasn’t respectful either… a training session that normally lasts 30mins went on for 1hr 30mins… by that time I was literally looking to walk off and ignore the guy. One thing stopped me tho.

He was actually really good and helpful towards everyone who wanted to get better. Its really hard to dislike a dog with a wagging tag… and I couldn’t remain impatient with someone whilst I was getting shown why I was struggling, what I needed to do to get better, and how I could train to get results faster.

So I guess I’m shutting up now. I’ve made my point. Comfort zones are great, but ‘change’ tho difficult to accept is ultimately better for us…. no matter what that change is. I really recommend changing your routine frequently. There is a tendancy to think that as long as we ‘keep doing it’ we’ll continue to progress further and faster… yeah I used to think that way too…. now I’m not so sure… to ‘keep doing it’ isn’t solely enough…. to keep changing the way that we learn is far far better.




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3 responses to “Get out of your comfort zone..

  1. haha yeha I just got wrote over the “Front flip tutorial coming soon” article so the dates got changed along with it haha…but yeah front flips are an easy fix, just film yourself and memorize the exact moment when to untuck. Too bad we’re in totally different continents haha otherwise we’d haveta chill sumtime

  2. yeah true… however the problem isn’t the continents, its the size of the damned things.. cause i’m in the US in Jan, but in Oregon.

  3. Ah damn, I’d be just a single state away for that brief time…Well I might be in Europe next summer just road trippin around so maybe when that comes I’ll be somewhere in the area.

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