joints, injuries and healing…

After years of skateboarding, and slamming on the concrete in pain, I’ve toughened up. My pain threshold is higher that normal, combine this with a crap doctor which can never cure my injuries and always tells me to rest up for months, and you’ll get the picture why I don’t tend to bother with injuries too much.

Unless something is gushing with blood and/or pointing in the wrong direction… I won’t worry about it.

If you, like me, decide to chuck yourself about for the rest of your life… these injuries we sustain will start to mount up… and naturally, as we get older, we take longer to heal. However that doesn’t stop our brain, which stays youthful forever… we continually think like we’re 17, whether we’re 18 or 58. Stop. Re-read that sentence. And think about how that could operate in your head when you’re older. Seriously frustrating, but you’ll be filled with an inevitable acceptence that you just ‘can’t’ do things like you used to anymore.

This is particularly frustrating when you get injured. Whether young or old, the urge to walk, run or jump again before properly healed is sooo strong, it will take a disciplined person to hold off for as long as the Dr says so… and sometimes we’ll just suffer the pain anyway, because the urge to move is greater than the healing pain we carry.

I have a wanked finger atm… right in the knuckle joint. The swelling went down quick, and as we all know swelling is the bodies way of protecting the damaged area during the healing process. Once my swelling ‘deflated’… I breathed a sigh of relief. But now I wish it hadn’t and I was still holding my breath. Now I have a painful knuckle, that has the illusion of being fit and healthy. This means, no sympathy, this means I have a false sense of security, this means I believe I am healthy and this also means I forget that I am clearly still injured. Which isn’t good. I need to be healed. Even just one knuckle out of order is enough to hinder my efforts to flip. I didn’t realise how much I used my finger joints when I flip. I know now.

front handsprings,
pulling on my handbrake,
wiping my ass,
pulling on my brake levers,
gripping my handlebars,
using chopsticks,
putting my hands in my pockets,
the list goes on

I’ve always told people, to be prepared for pain and to be prepared for injuries. They are very different when we have a passion. We can brace ourselves for pain, by ‘muscling up’ or by blocking out the fear mentally… but preparing yourself for injuries is often over looked. We’re suddenly thrown back to reality when we can’t do the things we love. We become normal everyday people once again. And it sucks. The advice a Dr will give you, is the same advice he’ll give an 85 year old woman. Normally the sentence will have the words ‘rest up’ in it.

To be prepared for injury, we need to develop something else to distract our brains as much as the current passion we have. And easy one to adopt is filming or photoing…. ageing skateboarders set up shops, athletes past their prime become coaches… the urge to stay as near to (or in) the action that they love is so strong, that a backup plan is very often thought about waay too late… and often ever only considered once the inevitable hits us.

Be prepared for injury. Accept that we will have to rest and heal up. Have more than 1 passion, collect as many skills as possible, that  gives you many many options, so you’re ready for when the inevitable occurs. You’ll become a valuable person, friends and strangers will recogise your diversity as a human being and will call on you when they have a need for that skill, and will think of you when a future opportunity arises.

Financial stability and security for the rest of your life is something you ‘can’ control… being healthy forever… is a bit more tricky.




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2 responses to “joints, injuries and healing…

  1. Good stuff. I love your take on injuries. Right now I’m sitting on the couch covered in ice–bored to death because I can’t trick today. But…My foot now fits in my shoe which is a great victory.

    –( R 7l S |-|

  2. sucks man. it sounds like you have a sprained ankle? If so, and even if not, its inspired me to write a post about how I deal with them.

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