Double fronts and ParkourBlog…

damn I’ve got one fat finger right now. So there I am, chucking 1,2,3, 10 front fulls one after another, then I throw a back full and screw it up complete and get whacked in the fingers by the tramp on a rebound. My fingers go nuts in different directions, I’m hugging them and moaning like a pensioner at a council meeting and now the damn thing has swollen up so fat I can hardly bend it at all.

… and its turning a lovely black/purple/yellow colour too. sweet hey? It appears I am mortal after all. Go figure!

As long as I’m fit for Tuesdays jumpclub, then I’m happy.

My front fulls are feeling good, the first I threw(?) was perfect. I was shocked, cause I asked the coach to watch to give me pointers on where I was going wrong. Ok, the rest weren’t so tidy, but I’m still stoked.

What else? Double fronts into the pit? oh yes! This is a milestone for me, cause those puppies have scared me shitless for a long time, I keep hearing stories of people smashing their teeth out and have watched a few people butt their knees into their faces too.

Soo… Jay threw one, and I though ‘ahh bollocks’ I’ve gotta go for it someday. Chucked it, and survived… yay! Ok, so I didn’t know where the hell I was in the air, but who cares. By the end of the night i’d spun about 6 or 7 or them and was getting used to the rotation I needed, had a clue where I was in the air and began stretching out ready to stand up.

it’ll be a milestone the day I land that one!

I checked out this ParkourBlog this morning… a good idea, and I think its a model that more people should adopt. I hope he keeps going with it. Go visit, if you’re into it and tell him to keep posting.


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