tricking teams…

Its gang warfare out there!

Hmm… this whole tricking team thing… what’s that all about?? Its pretty childish hey? like turning what we do in life, into some kind of ‘team sport / video game’ passion instead of the uniqueness it should be.

I know the majority of young people want to place themselves in a ‘category’ and feel a sense of belonging with a group of peers. But its still childish right? I’m not talking about trained martial artists here that compete under a competition name, I’m talking about the casual flipper that, think of themselves as some kind of mild superhero / spiderman character and prance about like they’re untouchable.

Sure I know its fun, and people are only mucking about, and not taking themselves seriously. But what I’m really interested in is the ‘why’ bit.

I’d love for someone to explain/tell me what the importance is to them about flipping under a team name. I seriously need educating here. Step up and tell me what it means to you.



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3 responses to “tricking teams…

  1. I happen to be a mild super hero, my powers include falling, hurting myself and damaging other peoples property. As for a belonging to a team, having peers is extremely motivating. Often I see one of my friends get a trick that I dont have, and I get jealous, thus bring my level of training up.

  2. Padme

    I’d prefer tricking clubs to tricking teams. We can encourage and push each other to be our best.

  3. laugh together push eac other become the best

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