This isn’t an educational piece about what you should eat. I know nothing about diet. Its just occured to me that I should know more.

I’ve been getting interested in my diet recently. I’ve always been interested in it, but haven’t done arse all about it. Basically cause I don’t know where to start. Jay knows a fair bit about it, so I spoke to him the other night.

My approach to food is this: My body needs it, I don’t. I see it as a fuel. However I don’t care much for the quality of what I eat. Hence I’m just as happy with a well balanced meal of fresh vegetables and fruit juice as I am with a shitty pie from the garage full of processed crap. I have no care for the quality of my fuel. I just know I need it.

This all means that I could be eating better foods for the activity I’m doing, if only I knew what that should be. For example, as Jay told me, before a flipping session it would be a good idea to eat a pasta dish at lunch, cause that would give me the carbs and energy to perform well in the evening. I didn’t know that.

Also I’ve gotten into the habit of having a chocolate bar before gym, I ‘think’ it gives me a sugar boost and improves my energy for that session, however, I actually have no-idea if it helps.

Occasionally I eat well. I eat fruit more and try and stay away from crappy foods, but whatever I eat is usually offset by massive amounts of exercise. Whilst this means I look ok on the outside, i’m concerned that inside, my arteries are closing over and my salt levels are all over the place. I really have no idea.

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  1. I personally carb out the day before a long training 4+ hours, and fast the day of. I never have more energy than when I fast. Takes a lot of practice though to get good enough not to eat for a couple of days.

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