Backflip tutorial

This is a good example of how much of a struggle it is for most people to land a backflip. You need to watch this, if you’re thinking about trying it, or trying and failing.

Too late for me, but I discovered this vid showing exactly what I should have been doing from day 1. I wish I saw this tutorial a year ago!



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8 responses to “Backflip tutorial

  1. heyy man long time no talk, I’ve been out of action for a while but I’m finally getting back into the swing of everything, so hows your progress been coming along? And I’m catching up to you on the Page views haha ;)

  2. hi well i really have learned a back flip from this but i need a spotter and no one will be my spotter so I’ve got to find someone nice clip good to learn from thanks.

  3. try and throw a few on a trampoline first… they are much easier to learn there. When you’ve got them bouncing, try and do them with hardly any bounce. Once you’ve got that, get a friend / parent etc to watch this vid, so they know what to do, and get them to stand next to you on the tramp, practicing their ‘spotting’, whilst you throw some backflips. When they are happy and you are happy with their ‘spotting’ technique, go out and try it on the ground. hope this helps you.

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  5. Andreas

    err the videos are no longer available =(

  6. its working for me, must have only been temporary with youtube. Try again?

  7. mike

    i always land on my baq can u plz help mii

  8. jamie murphy

    The easiest way to learn a backflip is just throw one. no use spotting because you’ll always get kicked in the head or some shit. i learnt by just throwing them and i can backflip, flash kick, 360 backflip, J-step and nearly every other flip that involves backward motion in it. this was all just froim throwing my self around

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