Tricking Timeline…

A JumpClub Timeline…

pack shorts, grab a black T, 40mins travel? should be enough. got cash? CASH! shitititi… cash machine detour. floor it across the hills to make up lost time. swing by the corner shop. 1 twix and a bottle of mineral water later, I’m parking up. 10mins to kill, cool. change aaaaand chill. Watch the crazy kids flipping out before me. (could be gymnasts, could be parkour, depends on the day). Meet the locals, heads up and hellos, pleasantries y’know? a quick stretch, can I still touch my toes like I did last week? I think so. Eeek I should do that everyday. I say that every time. meh. Warm up? righty o. hows it all feeling? ergh.. iffy. bounce a few times. seems ok. chuck a few round offs, power into it, not a time to start getting all lightweight, cause I’m flipping one next. landed ok. *phew. free time y’say? right… punch the floor a few times, of the blocking kind, no fighting for me. Side flips! Weeeee!… chuck a few fronts. Must work on those more. Grab the water, neck it back whilst heading up to the tramp. Gotta spin it to win it. Work on those front fulls and back-punch fronts. Quiet? ace, chuck something mental out onto the mats. Everyones up for it, a kamikazi challenge! Someone lands bad, they always do. Russian Roulette each time it seems. Hope its never me. So far so good. What next? Hit the bouncy floor and see whats left in me legs, film someones technique and slo-mo it, laughing for the crack. bollocks times up. Stretch out on the floor? sod that, I’ve paid my queens sheet (£5) I want value for money mate. A few sneaky twists, one for good luck, neck back the remaining water and bingo I’m out of there. “No shoes on the floor” btw, ffs sorry mum. Apple in the car, core out the window (chucked through Hartcliffe) always breaking the 30mph speed limit, the flashing sign tells me. Blast across the hills. And I’m home at the checkout. Half a cooked chicken and 2 fresh cream apple turnovers, ‘no sorry, I don’t have a clubcard, thanks’.


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