Parkour police? trick thinking…

The ultimate criminal? trained on the streets to run and run and not be caught, scaling walls and clearing obstacles running from justice?

One of the things I love/hate about the internet, is if you can think of it, then somewhere out there, someone else has probably thought about it…. and probably done or tried it too.

This is great for good stuff, but really bad for bad stuff.

Right now I thinking about a criminal element adopting and butchering the essence of parkour and using it to escape from criminal activities. This is very real and possible. Please don’t think for a second that criminals aren’t organised, we all know that isn’t true. I’m pretty certain that plenty of others have had this thought about a negative element embracing the artform, however I’m wondering how many people have thought it through further?

If a criminal element has trained to utilise parkour for bad use, then a justice element will need to counteract that and train to catch them.

I’m thinking about a squad of trained ‘urban athlete’ police officers, set up to scale buildings and persue on foot in crowded cities and various locations criminals where normal modes of transport wouldn’t be effective. What’s more, there will need to be a training course devisied by someone to instruct this new ‘force’ how to train and develop.

Where there’s a need, there’s a business model with a financial reward.

How else are training courses formed?? Its simply a need that requires fulfilling. All someone needs to do is setup a structured course of fundamental activities and stretches and techniques, that when practiced can be effective for a number of already trained officers. Once this has been established, it needs to be pitched to the authorities, and/or private security firms. It could contain:

  1. Brief history
  2. Essential benefits
  3. Criminal introduction – age, clothing, signs of activity, networking and communication methods (online and offine)
  4. a list of common ‘runs’ through major cities
  5. frequently utilised moves
  6. basic, intermediate and advanced training teachings structured over 4, 2 day courses for 1 month.
  7. broken down in to core teachings of vision (seeing the direction of travel) strength/agility courses, and obstacle training.
  8. Counteraction techniques – Anticipation and measures of prevention.

Pitch this requiring ‘3 stage’ locations: gym work, training grounds and urban walks indentifying key escape routes within popoular cities.

The course would consist of 2 trainers, 10-15 students £300 per person = £10,000

Let them leave with a training chart, schedule, pdf of all course material, video of training sessions, online forum to communicate with trainers and other students to continue advice and motivation. Job done.

You wait, someone will try it one day, and if they do, you’ll know they’ve nicked the idea from me. you heard it here first.

btw – I haven’t thought for a second about any of this btw, its amazing what the brain can come up with during a 45min lunchbreak

Update edit: (05.03.08)
Since I wrote this…. its been in the Bill! well would you Adam and Eve it?



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7 responses to “Parkour police? trick thinking…

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  2. I like this idea, however, traceurs (practioners of parkour) don’t like police forces, therefore, won’t help to create one themselves.

    But go ahead and do so if you wish. I think it’s good if they don’t ruin the artform and give it a bad reputation, along with not acting against those who made it in the first place.

    If this force is simply for people using parkour in vain, then I say yes. And I’d be happy to help. Give a shout if your interested. I have a crew of these guys who can help train whomever else you want in your force.

  3. nah I have no intention of doing anything of the sort – I was simply thinking out loud. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone did set something up tho. However first, the criminal element would have to be in place and that could take a very long time to happen.

    Most organised criminals these days are more interested in cyber crime where the rewards are high the movement is low. The criminal element wouldn’t be attracted to parkour because a) they’d have to train for a long time to learn it and b) by the time that training is over they’d probably have gone off the whole idea, due to the positivity found in the social circle that does it. Unless someone wants to pull off a big yamakasi style heist then that level of training and commitment simply isn’t going to happen, and even if it did, it would be a one-off.

    Sooo… after all this, anyone with have a brain would realise that ‘parkour criminals’ is a term closer to science fiction than anything based in reality.

  4. Science fiction…?

    Only an idiot would think that parkour doesn’t happen. Yes. Criminals use it everyday. most commonly among children and young adults growing up on the streets and needing to resort to “petty” crimes for lack of charity or the basic skills needed to support oneself in life. If they didn’t, granted, the world would be a much happier place. I’m not saying they use it to a masters degree, but most people don’t even know what parkour is, never mind know what it feels like. There was a theory test done in 2006, where it was discussed that parkour may become the main form of transportation as civilisation grows to big. Even if that is not the case, I still think it essential that police, being in their line of work, must know some of the basic elements to parkour.

  5. Kenny

    I personally think the police in any part of the world shouldnt learn it if a criminal has trained hard enough to outrune a police on foot and outrun a helicopter and dogs i think he desurves what ever he took parkour was originaly for crime mybe now its inocent and fun but was a crual world back then and you had to do wat u needed to survive,i think i speak for most FK COPS!and dont give em ideas this isa underground spot that should only b learned by civies!

    • Ash

      I’m sorry, what?! Where the hell are you getting your information from? Because Parkour never originated from crime. Parkour is a name that was given to a certain discipline of movement and found its origins in africa when french soldier Georges Hebert witness the african natives displaying superior feats of peak human form movements, he then brought this back and applied it to the French military and fire services. David Belle made modern day Parkour what it is today.

  6. Ash

    I may be a few years too late for this but I recently stumbled across it. Sorry but your idea will never see the light of day. Back in the day (1800s) British Police (as well as other countries probably) could chase criminals where ever they went, such as across rooftops, now days there’s something called “Health and Safety” which restricts what our Uniformed Public Services (Emergency Services, Armed Forces etc) can do, and as a student of Public Services and a practitioner of both Parkour and Freerunning I was slightly disappointed (as you can imagine) to discover that due to Health and safety, the British Police Force would never encourage their employees to vault cars and perform muscle ups onto roofs to chase criminals, not to say that it wouldn’t happen, but they’ed probably receive a review over their conduct and if they injured themselves they wouldn’t be liable for accident insurance on the job, plus I’d imagine in full police tactical gear it’d be pretty near impossible to perform some of the movements. Though the concept of having plain clothed cops trained in Parkour is something I would jump at the chance of being a member of, as a practitioner.

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