Jumpclub night.

A new coach, new faces (at least 3)… and a warmup at 90mph. We were done in 20mins and killing time for the remaining 10 before being let loose in the rest of the gym.

I was feeling good. mucking about a bit (sorry about that people) …. I couldn’t help myself. I had a mini mission to learn backflips to frontflips real quick like. Did it work? did it arse. I need to be able to land backflips with my arms up in the air, ready to start the forward rotation. I’ll have a go on the tramp tomorrow eve.

ergh.. panick mode. If Uni ends soon, does that mean the Uni gym sessions on wed and fri finish too?? I hope not.

Side flips are feeling excellent atm, I think they are bouncing up really well. I managed to clear an object at shoulder height tonight off the bouncy wood floor, which I was stoked/surprised at.

I also got emily to throw a few backflips on the trampoline and help another dude get them for the first time too… and got shown the proper technique by the coach assisting people land them. lovely.

so yeah, good stuff. back tomorrow with jdawg so it should be fun again.


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