SEO: youtube videos – getting more hits.

Want your video to get noticed on youtube? think you deserve more comments than the views you’re getting? one way is to produce a better quality, higher standard of content clip.. but if it is good, and even if it isn’t, everyone deserves to get the exposure, cause feedback is great. And we all want kind words and good advice from our peers.

Youtube has some good stuff on it, but its buried and many of the best stuff gets lost because people aren’t filling their details with all the correct words that allows people to find it. I’ve decided to write a little guide on how to get more hits to your youtube movies. enjoy. (I’m a web designer, I know this stuff)


The title of the movie should be the most common search term eg: the combination of words that most people are likely to type in to the search box.

The description box should also contain this common string of words. Plus other text if you wish.

The tags should contain all the variations of likely typed search words in order. this is important!

for example: if I had a tricking video showing people how to do a gainer. I need to make sure as many people can find it.

To do this you need to understand how search engines work. They track, store and deliver words based the order that people string words together in real life. People generally think and type in the order that they speak: ‘How to do a gainer’ ‘I want to learn how to do a gainer’ ‘best tips to land a gainer’ ‘how do I learn a forwards backflip’.

With this in mind, this is the basis for completing all the input boxes on youtube.

First the title: “how to do a gainer tutorial”
This starts with ‘how to do a’… very common search term for anything.. ‘gainer’ a very specific search term for a trick… and lastly ‘tutorial’ because i’m guessing more people think speak and type ‘gainer tutorial’ than ‘tutorial gainer’ …. therefore the word ‘tutorial’ must be last. Sure some people won’t use this natural order of words, but I’m guessing most will. Next…

The description area:
‘How to do a gainer? Gainer tutorial, learning a gainer, what is a gainer? how do I learn a forwards backflip?’

This area needs to display all the various combinations of what people would type. Without this, your clip wouldn’t stand a chance of being found frequently. You can also throw in any other text in this section to describe the clip. But focus on popular search terms first. You could put them last, but that isn’t logical if you want things to be found first.

next the tags:
‘howto best tips learning gainer tutorial forwards backflip’

Tags have no order right? wrong, they work just like the search strings, a logical natural order based on what humans commonly type. In my example, I’ve dropped the words ‘how’ & ‘to’ for ‘howto’ its a gamble but a specific one, tagging them as 2 separate words is natural, but you may also run into zillions of clips that also just have the random words ‘how’ & ‘to’ in there, not good. So joining them to ‘howto’ specifies them that I want to learn something. Like wise I’ve also dropped all the other non specific words to eliminate pointless results. Also don’t go crazy adding loads of tags, it actually confuses the Youtube system, rather than speed it up.

Here’s another eg for you:

I say ‘nikon coolpix S7c camera’.. so that’s the most likely search string order for people to find the product… if I type ‘camera S7c coolpix nikon’, its an unlikely order of words, because we don’t see them printed or publicised in that order, so typing them in that order would be even more unlikely… therefore I would miss most of the audience that were looking for it.

Now with this knowledge, you can actually focus on typing the ‘wrong’ ordered search terms into youtube and getting back a whole bunch of clips that normally wouldn’t be so easily found.

simple really isn’t it?



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42 responses to “SEO: youtube videos – getting more hits.

  1. Terry Neason

    Pure genius! I shall go forth and multiply.
    Thank you Mark! :+>
    Ms Neason

  2. why thank you… I aim to please.

  3. Michael

    So if you were to tag my video how would you do it?

  4. well a good start would be to give the title of the video a name that people will search for, and to add a full description utilising all the keywords in the audio. Your tags look well ordered to me, tho I haven’t listened to the whole clip. To tag the clip really well you’ll need to go through the audio and note key phrases and words and bit of sentences that are common search terms, you’ll have to know your target audience and the industry / genre you’re operating in to achieve this. There’s loads of ways to attract attention on youtube tho, (not relating to tags)… you can make sure that every video posted is a ‘video response’ to a really popular video, and also to post frequent videos. Hope this helps.

  5. Michael

    ya it does, thanks a lot bro.

  6. Well, tags & description ARE the key to success, it’s only a shame you can’t be completely truthful in there…

    Having to twist and turn them to get some views… Youtube should really start to identify more quality material…

  7. care to suggest how they can identify quality material? and if they did, why would I trust YT to decide that for me? personally I’d rather search and find my own quality, and have other users recommend to me (ratings etc). YT’s tags and descriptions areas are perfect for exposure, anything else we learn and try to ‘hook people’ into finding us is, like trying to find a shortcut to success. Quality content in a social environment always rises, that should be what we focus on doing, not trying to increase exposure to weak content.


    Maybe you could look at may video on Youtube and give me some advice. I spent a lot of time and money on writing a song and having it produced in Nashville. Please help. I need more hits.

  9. now i become famous…thx!

  10. This is a helpful article, thank you. I’m just getting started posting videos to YouTube to promote my site that provides fill-in-the-blank bio templates. Your article has given me some good tips on how to title and describe my video for best results.

  11. Thanks! Really useful article.
    I often forgot to do so when lecturing video.
    Sorry for my English :)

  12. Me being a web developer/designer as well my videos weren’t getting as much exposure either. The only think I was ruling it to was maybe that lack of a great description and to “many” tags so I am going to cut my tags to quality tags. Add more to the description, I think my titles are okay. If you feel like taking look as you probably don’t lol:

  13. This is a helpful article. I need to start thinking about varius way of positioning my wbeiste, youtube sounds good. Thanks for your help.

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  15. great tips for me. I am looking for uploading a video for outsourcing business purposes and this tips have helped me.

  16. Do backlinks help like they do with websites generally? Would you change the tags on this?

  17. johnathon

    i am working on a new project which is going to be a star wars fan film. The good news is that it’s going to be less than 2 minutes, but I have been looking up other fan films, and some of the really good ones have less than 1,000 views and the more ameture ones could be in the 100,000 area. What extra tags would be helpful to add, and how would you order them. btw, good article, helped a bit.

  18. How do I make sure my video is a video response to a really popular video? Thanx!

  19. hi there
    my channel used to to ohave three videos in first page (here in italy) with the key word ‘architettura’. it has disappeared from the rankings and I have no idea why… do you have any ideas?
    thanks, mikaela (Matera, Italy)

  20. I want to try one of these methods to boost my website Traffic.

  21. Just wanted to let you know – your content got lifted by someone looking to get money with ads at I’ve been looking around for youtube seo tips and thought this sounded familiar. Thought you should know.

  22. Hey, question, I am just creating a youtube channel. It is called SCCULdjohnson. The only way I can find my own channel through searching is by typing in the exact name. I input tags so people can find my channel. Ex. If I type in SCCUL into the search bar (this is one of my tags) shouldn’t I be able to find my Channel?

  23. 30.Hey man, I have been writing poetry for a long time, and finally got around to making videos of it

    the only problem is I dont know how to tag it so people will find it

    I read all your stuff and did my best

    I would appreciate it if you would look at ti and let me know man

    thanks a lot

  24. I’m learning about SEO in my e-commerce course right now. We also have to make a blog and I am doing mine on tricking. I just starting blogging and I would love if you could take a look at what I have so far and give me some feedback.

  25. Hey chaz540 – I just took a look at your blog and so far I can see you’re doing all the right things there. Keep those tags and categories flowing, they all add up to the SEO rankings. Another thing that really helps is to have links back to your site from trusted sources. You can do this yourself by cross posting on, and linking back to your blog from, facebook, twitter & youtube etc. There’s a lot of things you can do to increase traffic to your blog, but the best way is to post frequently, share your knowledge and feature other inspiring content you’ve found online. This way, people will keep on returning to discover something new each time. Finally I recommend putting up a decent page about you, as people always connect better with sites when they can see a face behind the words. Keep it going & good luck with the tricking and the e-commerce course :)


  26. John

    What can I do if someone steals my video on Youtube and broadcasts it as their own?

  27. youtube hits are great for money making!

  28. Do you have any tips for our youtube video?

  29. Christina

    could anyone please view my viral and comment let me know what you think? thanks :)

  30. Didrik Franzén

    Thank you for this! And nice blog btw!

  31. Hey thanks, glad you like it :)

  32. Nick

    Just a good thought on how to pick out great tags, tittles and descriptions… Use AdWords tool through Google to target your desired demographic and geographic audience prior to shooting the video so you have solid data backing up your word and phrase choices

  33. Definitely appreciate the tips! I think I got it right…


  35. Thanks for your help, I really think I’ll get more views based on your suggestions!

  36. I would like to know if anyone can help me to get more hits for my comedy
    movie.Its really funny one.Please let me know if there is anything you can
    do for this great project

  37. I am just starting to work on this aspect of SEO and appreciate your advice. I just made this video and I think I tagged it properly. Is there anything I am missing? Our aim to to market to pet rabbit owners (the best rabbit food).

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