Trick progress

Still jumping!

I’ve decided to gather footage for a while. To introduce a friend to flipping (you’ll be seeing/hearing more of him in future) … and to take things easy. One thing I want to state. Is I’ve been through ‘fads’ before… loads of them. Its the best thing about being old. One thing I’m certain off. Is this ‘fun’ hobby is here for life. I can say that with conviction and comfort. Because I know ‘me’.. I know what I need in life to be happy. I have seen and dealt with many distractions that younger people face, and I’m still here. I’ve got no college or Uni to move onto… my circle of friends is now consistent and increasing. My experiences of loves and hates and self discovery has reached a content plateau.

I can see the future, with and without gym life for at least once a week.. and I definitely want to continue it.

My progress is continually increasing. My round off back tucks are stronger than before, my side flips are consistent and getting tighter. My spacial awareness in the air on the trampoline is vastly better than it was a few months ago. I’m spinning flips there higher and in control. I’m impressing myself (is that big headed to say?).

I still have a lot of gains I want to make in the coming months…. I need to work harder on b-twists, attempt double legs, throw more gainers, control the amount I travel on full twisting backflips on the tramp (for some reason I’m losing those) … and of course chuck wallflips. Tho I know thats an easy one, so the desire to get it out the way isn’t so immediate.

Things I’m not concerned about… walking on my hands. My arm injury isn’t allowing that to happy. In fact anything involving upper body strength isn’t working for me. Do I care? nope.

I’m now 34… and things are feeling great. In August 2007, I’d have been going to JumpClub for 12mths.

I’ve also thought about a tricking concept movie. I’ve seen so many, they all have a similarily that doesn’t show the beauty of the artform. I’ve seen a way I can present it. I haven’t seen anyone attempt a video as I’m formulating it in my head. So I’m looking forwards to filming more in future… to experiment with techniques both with the camera recording and in Premiere.


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