free running game

I’d love to know what people think of the free running game

I’m not a gamer, never have been… tho I did try the THSP game once and apart from killing my thumbs after 4hrs playing and being a bit peed off, cause it wasn’t realistic enough, I could at least see its appeal because a) skating is bloody hard to learn and b) it can’t be done in the wet (and the UK rains a fair bit)… of course it was cashing in on the sport, but it also served a purpose for the thousands that tried and gave up, because of the difficulty and their lack of patience/coordination/balls/pain threshold etc…

…is the free-running game viewed in much the same light?



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12 responses to “free running game

  1. There’s nothing wrong with THPS man… Try not to think of it as a skating sim, but more of an arcade game… Fun first, realism second…

    There was a cheat in THPS2 that made your ollies realistic, and you know what? The game was about a tenth the fun to play…

    What might be worth keeping an eye on is the upcoming game from EA called ‘Skate’… It’s apparently more about the art of skating rather than stacking up points and achieving goals… Looks interesting so far…

    As for the Free Running game; No idea mate… Can’t help you there, but can show you an average review score and point you to reviews of the game so you can get yourself a nice rounded view of the title :)

  2. robertjooste

    I would really like to play that game. I am a gamer, I loved the whole THPS range. :) just the way I am. I’m getting into free running at the moment, I run when I can. :p

    Some days I can because its raining too much, and other days I only get home after 11pm. so for me, I think this game will be cool.

    even if its not… It will still give me some rad idea’s!!

    Is it realesed yet? I cant seem to find it.


  3. Cool game.
    Would love to try it. not sure If I’ll like it though. I’d rather go out and do it myself. (You get fit that way.)

  4. Just updated the link for it

  5. Interlink

    Well then, i found this game quite cheap so i bught it -it’s hard as hell in the beginning, since you don’t understand how to preform a landing roll, e.t.c, but when you got in to it and get rutines, it’s quite a good game. there is no actualy story, and in the levels are a bit too small. tho it’s a good game, you’ll get Realy bored when you finished it, and thers not a wide range of trix. I couldn’t find much bugs, and thats good. the pretty much only one i found is that flickflacking up and down stairs is 3x as fast as just running.

  6. Rhys

    ive got it well ma bro has anyway its a well good game!!

  7. Ouch, i almost groaned out loud when they called the main character a “Pro Traceur” /palm face.

    Anyway, I’m rather surprised that anyone actually liked the game, it didn’t look to hot on amazon.

  8. stretch

    apparentky the game is wack and i would not even bother purchasing it. just go out and try your self you will have loads of fun and yeah its a great way to stay fit and gives you the energy to wanna keep getting fitter.

  9. re: wack – yeah I can believe that. However even the skateboarding games started off rubbish, so maybe there’s hope for the free running genre!

  10. jack

    this game is shit

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  12. Ryan Offer

    hi its Ryan from puremovement ermm the free running game is good but it is too over exagerated on jumps and tricks.

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