bad habits and glad rabbits…

Its a valuable thing to be able to offer a small tip in one visual sentence that offsets months of frustrating efforts.

If you’re a gymnastic coach, I’m guessing you don’t get to see this much. I say this, assuming that most coaches either work with young kids that do as they’re told from day one, or those that have had a period of instruction/tutition and are well aware of the correct methods. I’m probably wrong, but for the purpose of this conversation I’ll continue anyway.

However if you ‘know’ I’m wrong, I’m happy for you to publically correct me, I’m happy to look like an idiot in public! bring it on.

From my perspective, take a look at it this way. A buncha newbs in the gym, throwing themselves about in all directions, with no real hope or inclination of becoming a competition standard gymnast… each one, largely ignoring the coaches and happily chucking themselves about in all directions trying not to land on their head (too much). Bad habits and tips from competent mates are the guides for the night and everyone is influencing everyone. Before you know it, people are trying things they really aren’t ready for (me included).

Occasionally someone with ‘real’ knowledge of how to do something will throw it in your direction and wow… suddenly something will just click, and work, aaaand a goal seemingly unreachable will become achievable!

That happened to me to the other night. Henry said, ‘Barani? start with your hands up and throw them down to the side of your hip… and bingo’ … so I do… and I did! sweet. Then… months later, I get the same deal on my plate… the dude says, ‘I can’t’ … I say ‘hands up, down, hip, flip’ etc… he does and lands it. stoked! (both of us).

Some things are that easy.

Some tricks take a lot… some tricks take a little… but either way I’m learning that sharing the knowledge around like a bush fire is the way to go. Its sure is a nice feeling to help someone out that’s been struggling for months and months over something that’s bugged them big time.

I wanna be a coach when I grow up. Its very rewarding y’know.



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2 responses to “bad habits and glad rabbits…

  1. Kuro

    I’ve done martial arts for a few years, and I’ve wanted to try this sort of thing…but where would I go to learn? I’ve read your posts and I love to tech myself tricks, but I think I can only go so far by myself…any tips?

  2. if you’ve got a grounding in martial arts then you’re already well on your way to being a good tricker. I found a local gymnastics centre and went along to an adult session. From that one trip I met martial artists, break dancers, parkour heads and gymnasts… its a good place to meet all types. There must also be others in your martial arts group that can point you in the right direction? you’ll need to start asking about man. Trick at home, the beach or the parks alone if you wish, but I unless you’ve got a crew to flip with, I recommend asking questions and finding out where the trickers trick. all the best with it mista. :)

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