btwists, detours and diets.

Btwists landed. trust me, they’re landed… I’ve got footage, but I can’t be arsed to show it. I’d rather get it more consistantly and tidy, before releasing it into the internet ‘wild’.

happy tho (I am) … *grins*

Actually tonight was a good one. Apart from the massive diversion I had to take bypassing West Harptree to get home… b’stad people that put up those diversion signs (my bro’s probably) … anyways.. a 30min detour ain’t much, but when the ‘last chance saloon’ for post JumpClub celebratory cakes closes at 10pm and I’m rolling up at 10 past… it isn’t good.

Luckily I’m stocked up on shortbread biscuits and Jaffa cakes, so I’ll ‘just’ make it through the night I’m sure.

Next Jump – friday …. weeeeeeeeeee!

mark signing off.

(now then, where’s that bottle of cheap red wine?)


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