undo’ing self tutition

a good session last night. I rolled up 10mins before hand, waited in the car for the crew to arrive. but no-one turned up. Not one. umkay?!? …. I walk in, no-one I recognise is inside either, riiiiight… I go back to the car and chill for a bit longer. Have I got the right day? Has it been canceled? Have I got the right time? … with still no-one about 15mins later, I decide its off and start to wander away. Then I run in to marika and she’s like ‘lets go in anyway and see if we can get a go’.

Friday works like this. Its a Uni Gym session. Caroline organises it and pays a coach to run the class, independently of the Gym itself. Therefore, when we walk in, we don’t pay at the door like usual. Hence the reason that if caroline isn’t there, and no-one else is there…. I start thinking a ‘is the Uni on holiday?’.

Phil (the gym boss) says ‘don’t worry pay just £4 and go for it’… Wooo! :)

Once inside there was actually 2 other people in there waiting for session. Acro-Flexi-Gymnast Sally and New Guy Sean, who actually isn’t new, but just a casualty of unfortunate circumstances which I learned of later in the night. Either way, he’s 15 and better than most of us that attend. More on that another time.

The result of the evening was, 4 people, sally, sean, me and marika getting the whole gym to ourselves and a choice of about 4 coaches to learn from. Ever wondered why some people seem to advance quicker than others? yep… its days like that.

Picture this. the coach says throw a handspring (front) … I do that and struggle to stay upright like usual. He says, watch sean do one and see how he stays straight legged throughout it. I watch. He lands it perfect. I throw one straight legged… and land one perfectly. Woo! … I then continue to throw a number of them all night long and each landed perfectly. result!

I’m a self taught person. everything I do pretty much is self taught. I love it and I love learning that way…. figuring out me and my mentality and recieving the rewards of over coming fears and finding the solution myself. However, is the reward of self tutition and slow, scrappy progress worth more than professional instruction and fast advancement? I used to think no, but I’m beginning to change my mind.

I still love to figure things out myself… but thats all born from the skater mentality of learning because there’s zero tutition available for skateboarding. I’m in a different world now though… where coaches and experts are all around and available to assist in ways that I’m not even aware of… and they can see every flaw and bad habit I have and can offer a solution to fixing my wobbles. That’s a handy thing… because results are what I’m after. Anyways.. that’s a nice ‘point’ to this rambling post .. and the only point worth commenting on imo.

For the rest of the evening, I was tramping it and practising getting height with control… then throwing backflips at height (still on the tramp) … then throwing many many front flips (at height again) … and the results were looking good. My front sumi’s are really feeling controlled now… not ‘chucked’ and ‘hoped’ like usual.

Back on the btwists and something odd started happening. I began landing them. But.. not how I wanted. I didn’t film any, but wish I had… I think I started spinning them not as horizontal as I usually do… because I was taking off slightly different, not covering as much distance and landing very upright. This felt great immediately, but I’m certain my ‘technique’ actually turned into a ‘shortcut’. Not good. Back to the drawing board with those… If I’m going to bother to learn them, I want to at least get them right from the start. (hence all my words up above about learning correctly).

dull post – sorry… but I needed that brain dribble.


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