up and down like a brides nightie

I’m within spitting distance of landing lovely chucked btwist’s consistantly. I’m so impressed with myself, that I’ve given myself a gold star to put on the shelf with all my other gold stars, I need to bask in the online glory for a touch whilst I contemplate my next move.

I’m actually suprised that more people aren’t chucking them (where I flip) cause its visually great and feels good to throw too. People seem desperate to throw a front or back flip, why not a bwist? is it that hard to figure out? I don’t think so, howtos are all over youtube? Meh, anyways.. I’m (still) getting there (just).

What else?

Nothing really… I’m just getting comfortable with front full twists, front sumi’s are driving me nuts.. I just struggle to get consistent at them. I’ll get there tho.

A few people are struggling due to injuries, I don’t want to name names, cause this is my brain dribble area… but yeah, it sucks. Whys it happening? probably because people are feeling a little immortal when they turn up at a fluffy soft spongey padded gym… I’m sure they think that anything is achievable.. when in reality all that squigey loveliness draws us all into a false sense of security and probably creates more injuries than if you were out in the ‘wild’ chucking stuff.

however…. all my joints and ‘bits’ are fully functioning(ish) and I hope to keep it that way.

(waits impatiently for that loopkicks dvd to be released)

right I’m off. no really.. i’m off….. to Letchworth of all places for a bit of work related shinanigans. Hope to be back at jumpclub for friday night. weeeeeeeee!


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