fridays, btwists & technique

They are getting there! At least I’m landing on my feet now. I wanna get the technique dialled a bit more tho before throwing them on the floor. I want to tidy up my legs, get them all straight and stuff. The other couple of flips are just there for the hellofit.. I just wanted to document the twist really.

I discovered what I was doing wrong for btwists. Its a combination of 3 things, firstly my approach has to be right, if I don’t think ahead to the ‘flow’ of the move I won’t get the lift and momentum. Secondly my ‘dip’ before I take off needed to be thought about… and finally (the big one).. I realised I wasn’t travelling enough distance. This surprised me, because I didn’t think it would make much difference, but it did. And now I’m landing stood up. which is nice.

I’ve switched nights. I’m now jumping on fridays instead of thursdays. Last night was good. I felt pretty bouncy.. have been working on my front tucks and have spotted what I need to do to seriously improve my roundoff b/flips. thanks to the vid camera, I can see that I don’t raise my arms up on take-off. They stay by my side and are just ready to catch my knees for the tuck. I gotta sort that out. I wanna boost straight up, head facing forwards, hands high, then push the air down as I float up bringing my arms to the side then flip late.

Last night I had this young guy in front of me whilst we were doing lines. He’s had proper coaching and stuff, and his technique for everything was spot-on. This really helped me, cause I could see exactly how he did stuff and then repeat (the effort) when it was my turn. Of course I failed miserably in comparison, but watching and following someone who knows what they’re doing is sooo valuable. Sean I think his name was.

I’ve got a load of photos to go through now. Sequences of people flipping. will get them up asap here.



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5 responses to “fridays, btwists & technique

  1. I have you added as a friend yet it still won’t let me watch :(

  2. hey mate i run a tricking community

    check it out if u like :)

  3. bloodydove: try now. I’ve made it public.

    luke: I’ll have a look, cheers.

  4. Thanks man, it looks like you’re definitely able to land them, but if when/if you decide to make them look a bit cleaner throw your leg up a bit harder and try to kick that leg up to gain more height

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