It’ll be alright on the night

friday nights at the gym are good. much better than thursday eves. In fact I think I start doing fri’s instead of thurs from now on. Thurs are not long enough, and too close to the tues sessions for me. I need a good couple of days to recover after a session and I think tues and fri’s are the way forward in future.

Yesterday was a good session. A really good session. Not too many people (11) at the gym, and loads of time, meaning plenty of space and obstacle usage without waiting or people getting in the way. Also a good time to get out the video camera and flippy etc. I’ve yet to edit the footage, and probably won’t until next weekend when I collect a bunch more.

I landed a few b-twists without putting my hands down, front flips were strong, roundoff b/flips were consistent, plus a few new b/flip tramp variations I’m stoked on, side flips are getting there nicely. So on the whole I’m happy.

… and I watched one dude land a double b/flip to his head, nightmare… ouch. luckily ok, just winded himself.

tonight I watch and liked:


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One response to “It’ll be alright on the night

  1. nice man…I’ve had B-twists for a while but you’re ahead of my on the flips…but I’ll catch up haha ;)

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