Tricking Music

if I have to listen to one more happy hardcore / club euphoria / german techno track on a tricking video… I’ll… I’ll… I’ll …. well I’ll do nothing… but its getting to me. Then there’s bloody Linkin Park … I dunno whether its their popularity or whether it just ‘cool’ in tricking circles to put one of their tracks on your sampler and instantly your flips will look better or what… but pleeeeeease people stay away from clichés and pick a different track/band/album/artist!

maybe I just watch too many videos? hmm… yeah actually that’s probably it. Anyways, here’s the ultimate tricking album… its time people started hearing and using it.

ahh well. I watched this one this morning and was impressed (cliché music again) but hey the kid sure can flip. watch and go leave a comment, ya heartless bastads!



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3 responses to “Tricking Music

  1. You ever play GTA3? We’re talking 2000 over here now…

    If you got in a car, tuned it into the classical station and then went over one of the ‘extreme jumps or something I’m not really sure I wasn’t paying attention in the meeting’ then everything goes all slow-mo and that… With the classical music in the background it lends the act a certain eloquence…

    That is the soundtrack of tricking vids mate… Get Chris O’Riley on the case… He’s got the mad hook ups, yo…

  2. Yeah, generally music just gets me pumped up and feel like I have more energy. Fast, loud music is always the best. But yeah most people reuse the same songs over and over and over…thats why when I decide to put out a sampler I’ll either use a local band or something I have yet to hear on any sampler, and I have seen a TON of samplers…

  3. yeah people normally make an effort to edit their videos, but then just stick any old track over the top. Whereas what people should do… is select a decent track first and edit the footage to the music beats. That’s what I (now) try to do.

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