Loopkicks Tricking…

Ouch. Last night was a good one. Judging by the fact that I can hardly move today I mean.

For some reason, taking a break from the gym actually helps me. I dunno why yet, I’ll figure it out (probably during the course of this post) … but it just does. Maybe I’m more amped up, maybe I’m all healed up, maybe I’ve forgotten all my bad habits from frequent trips? … whatever it is, guaranteed, the first flip back from a coupla weeks away, beit holidays or illness, (with the exception of xmas for some reason) … generally the session will go well. Anyways… that’s enough, I wanna mention something else.

Loopkicks DVD… you know about it right? if not why not? Well either way, whether you ‘think’ everyone knows about it, or whether you know people know about it…. please do everyone a favour and mention it to all your mates anyway. Its going to be incredible I think.. the teaser is enough to get a jist of what the quality is going to be like… and apart from a fair chunk of yank ‘cheese’.. (from the intro’s anyway) .. I’m really hoping this is going to be as great as it has the potential to be. Go and watch a clip and tell me what you think. I’m buying it anyway.

mark :)


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