Tricking mentality?

After a gym session, I pretty much get between 40-60mins of thinking time for the journey home (depending on how many rules of the highway code I decide to break).

Last night I was thinking about peoples flipping mentality. Why people are going every week:

to impress on the dance floor,
to pull the women,
to impress everyone,
to improve martial arts,
to practice breakdancing moves,
to work on floor routines,
to increase flexibility,
to show off
to trick
to train as a gymnast
to regain some lost ability

I’m sure there’s more I’ve no-idea about. I like this diversity. I’ll probably never get out of the gym because of it too. I don’t think I’d want to peal off with my own friends. I also don’t think I want a certain ‘style’. I think the more communication with other flippers we have the better. I’ve already learnt so much from people I’d never have met, if I didn’t train there. Meh, I dunno.

I was also thinking about how many people I know didn’t actually know what they are doing there. For example, Jaz thought he was making up moves, until someone told him they were called ‘whatever’ and come from ‘this’ martial art. Also about how jason can only do what his knees will let him and about how we haven’t seen a number of people there recently because they’ve pushed themselves too hard too fast and are now out of action with a knackered knee or a popped back.

I don’t know where I’m going with this thread, so I don’t naturally have a conclusion. But I guess if I had to have one, it would be about our individuality, and about how we’re influencing everyone we trick with, no matter what our ability, stature, goals, background or gender.

I don’t even think I could call myself a tricker. I think tricking is a mental state as much as a physical act. I’m definitely a bloke that jumps… and will be in that self-proclaimed category for a long time.

I’m happy with that.




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4 responses to “Tricking mentality?

  1. Jackal

    I’d firstly call myself a Traceur, you have your reservations about parkour and I can respect that, although I would like to discuss them with you. I can recognise you’ve atleast thought about why people do it and rationalised.

    That aside I’d now also call myself a Tricker as I am more interested with that side of the movements we learn in the gym than just sticking to gymnastics. To me tricking, gymnastics and stunts all come second to parkour, they are all defined differently and so I keep them seperate. I see tricking as a way of expression, aesthetics and also a way into the kind of work I would like in the future such as stunts etc.

    I’d have to say I would not like to train with anyone in the “impress girls, show off..” category, in the last 3 years of my training in parkour I’ve found the people who are like that take far too many risks, they have no calculation and just go because a camera is rolling or people are watching. Inner concentration is vital to self progression in my opinion.

  2. damn you write a lot. I have no reservations about parkour, its great and I openly and actively encourage anyone and everyone to have a go at it… I just know its not for me. Anything said on here that implies otherwise is just me stimulating other peoples thoughts.

    I used to breakdance. I did it for years, I called myself a breakdancer, if I could have, I would have got myself a tattoo and branded myself for life. after a number of years, and even after me and my mates saying we would never give up, we all did just that. I labelled myself for a number of my young years. Was I really a breakdancer? yes, for a while, and it was fun and it kept me fit and I learnt a lot about my body and the limits and movements it can take.

    However I’m sooo glad I didn’t get that tattoo, cause I really wasn’t a breakdancer, I was a kid having a blast with his mates and enjoying trying things out.

    Don’t be quick to label yourself. I appreciate that everyone wants acceptence and a social identity, its almost a requirement for existing in 2007… but we really don’t know who we are exactly until we seen the popularity come and go, we’ve ridden all the waves there is to be ridden and have come out the otherside of it all, unscathed and mentally able to objectify our past decisions with hindsight and rational thought.

    In time I might be a tricker too…. but until I’ve learnt my skills and paid my dues, I’m just a guy jumping.

    mark :)

  3. Em

    mark, i guess you’re there to pull the women then ;o)

    you also forgot one – which i’m there for: and that is to do something different with my body. i like (and often dislike) the phenomenological feel of doing gymnastics. it makes me feel alive (as does any sport/physical activity).

  4. “mark, i guess you’re there to pull the women then ;o)”

    yeah and I’m clearly really crap at it! ;)

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