flippin init

woot! back to it after a fortnight of bent illnesses, far too much drug consumption and general feeling sorry for myself.

So Tues night I got back to the gym, and took to it like a (lightweight) duck to water. With a half arsed approach to anything involving ‘effort’, I wobbled my way (mostly upside down) through the first 20mins, skipped all the tricky bits, landed (phew) a coupla roundoff b/flips and I’m happy.

A quick blast on the tramp and i’m technically all over the shop… ‘better give that up before I damage meself’ I think… there’s only so many times your legs can ‘nearly’ go through the springs before thinking ‘erm, this is getting iffy’ and stopping. Some side flips of the trampet, a word to Raj about cracking software and a compliment from the guru and i’ve had enough.

15mins before closing time and i’m hot footing it outta the door before the conditioning kicks in. (Just couldn’t face that)

I didn’t wanna risk aching like hell the next day y’see… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Btw – I ached like hell the next day anyway. so ho hum.

Its now thursday and I’m back at it again. I might even turn the camera on tonight. I’m due for a progress report.



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