wine, flips and visuals…

I’m awake faar too early again due to too much wine consumption the night before, so I thought I’d add a little note here. Jumpclub last night, my first friday for a while and I think I’ll try and do that session more times, and since I stopped going out and getting wasted at the pub ten years ago, I know I won’t be missing much (that’s a lie actually, I never got wasted)

I took a whole buncha clips on my new camera last night, but haven’t gotten round to putting anything online yet. It was just a bit of tramp footage really anyway. Me trying to get front flips dialled so I actually knew where I was in the air rather than just chucking it and hoping to land on my feet!

Anyways.. some success there. Other things, my roundoff-backflips are feeling sweet atm and I’ve been throwing a bunch that have felt really good. I’ve also been chucking side flips with pretty good results which is surprising to me as I’ve tried no-handed cartwheels for a while with zero success! But I guess the motion isn’t the same, so meh, whatever.

What else? ummm…. think thats it. I’ll try and get some visuals up, but I doubt it’ll be today cause I’m in birmingham skating.

Oh and Jason edited this from the gym of phil and dave.


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One response to “wine, flips and visuals…

  1. Johnny Angel

    Man when it comes to the aerial I feel your pain though I am getting closer.


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