B-twist attempts…

Here’s 11 attempts from me at trying a b-twist… with various degrees of success. If you can’t view this video, its set to ‘private’ on youtube. You’ll need to add me as a friend to watch it. Sorry, but its not one I want public yet.

The first attempt is probably my best I think.

By watching this I know I need to tighten up more in the air, and concentrate on pinning my feet down into the ground strong and keeping my arms up, instead of diving for the floor each time. However, considering I haven’t tried b-kicking yet, I’m happy :)



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2 responses to “B-twist attempts…

  1. haha nice tries man, I’d love to give u tips with pictures but my camera the battery is missing so I’m kinda screwed…but yeah, just remember to have your arms far apart before you jump because the larger u make ur arms before then tighten them the faster you go, and I had the same sort of problem when i was first trying, I didn’t jump at all, so throw that leg up so hard that it almost hurts

  2. I can see how learning the bkick helps, as I’m not used to landing on my feet and keeping my body up high. I’ll get there tho :)

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