Tricking statistics

Its a popularity contest!
ok now that counter you see over there ———————————–>
shows about 3,900 visits, which I’m quite proud of, but also most surprised at. Because its only in the past month or so that I discovered the ‘hit counter’ on wordpress. When I first put it up, it showed 2,500 or something, and I was like ‘whoa!… wft?!?!?’ etc. A ridiculous amount imo, for an old git that talks bollocks and isn’t very good at what he’s attempting to do anyway.

Soooo, I’ve just been wandering about my search results and thought I’d share the reasons why people come here. I’ve group the results into parkour, tricking, martial arts, gymnastics and ‘everything else’ categories to make the balance of people visiting a little easier to understand:

parkour flips
people against parkour
taunton parkour james
parkour somerset
bristol parkour club
parkour tattoo
parkour vs tricking
anis tricking
do a gainer
do a gainer flip
jump kid
gainer ( running backflip)
how to do a gainer 1

alex sayhi
british tricking clubs
sideways flip

Martial Arts:
martial arts jumps flips
kung foo fighting youtube
you tube kung foo
martial arts wordpress theme
which leg do i stand with first for karate
Kickboxing clothes
where to lean martials arts
kickboxing tricks
names of flips in gymnastics
pictures of gymnastic injuries
backhand spring
gainer gymnastics
hartcliffe gym
adult gymnastics bristol
youtube gymnastics

Everything else:
why neck crunching, bristol youtube, youtube, Everybody was kung-foo fighting, full contact, myspace home, wakeboard, foam pit, jumpclub, I love thursdays, short thoughts, fitness trouser, chuck-ness, how to do upside down situps, white trousers satin, home foampit

Sorry there isn’t numbers and percentages to go with these, but I really couldn’t be arsed to sit and figure them out… however this gives the most accurate idea of popular search results for everything tricking related (I’m guessing)

It was iffy splitting everything up because so much overlaped, but I’m sure its fairly accurate, because I used my brain :)  (everybody was kung foo fighting – is a search for the music btw, which is why its not in the martial arts category)



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8 responses to “Tricking statistics

  1. Wow… That’s a lot of links… I’m willing to bet that future searches that lead to this site will probably land your visitors on this page… That’s either good because you’re instantly pointing them to relevant content, or bad because they don’t end up on the content they wanted… Interesting… I’ll have to think about that…

    By the way: Please get rid of that god awful thing… It’s utter cack and adds nothing of value to the site… kthxbai…

  2. re snap: no… its fine, you’re on 56k and there’s a lot of link on that post, but normally there only the odd 1 or 2 and besides, I like it*

    * mark has the right to change his mind at any time, without notification, please refer to Terms & Conditions, your statutory rights are not effected.

  3. haha yeah its ridiculous how many hits we get…just like you were surpised to get almost 4,000 hits, ive been just as surprised that in a month I’ve managed to get 500 people, I guess that people like to read our stuff hehe

  4. exactly.. sooo many people want to learn how to do a gainer, its ridiculous! Btw – your site is of value, because you’re showing ‘how’ to do things, so I expect that you’re going to get a lot of returning visitors… mine is just my opinons on stuff, so I tend to get more of the random wanderer who never return. I’m ok with that… but I think I’ll consider some tutorials in future, as I’ve collected a few useful techniques/tips which I haven’t seen advised elsewhere.

  5. So where can I get a counter like that for my wordpress blog?

  6. erm, not sure if this was a serious question or you just taking the piss :P … either way, i created this page of search terms from my ‘Blog Stats’ area of my blog. If you have a blog then you’ll have the same thing… however if you have installed wordpress on your own server, you’ll need to install the stats plugin.

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  8. daniel parkour mad

    Where can i go in taunton to do park our can someone please tell me, my email is djdaniel_10@hotmail so if you no please can you send a email to me
    thanks a lot

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