The Tricking Olympics?

D’ya think there will be a tricking explosion?

I mean, there’s the parkour/freerunning thing atm…. and in 5 yrs time in London there’s going to be the Olympics, with plenty of gymnastics and the odd spot of judo and other fighty stuff (probably) … then there’s going to be a lead up to that with a lot of PR and new facilities being built… well…. I bloody hope so anyway.

Atm there’s bucket loads of parkour dudes filling the gyms nationwide… some of them are bound to ‘splinter off’ into various other areas and develop new interests etc. I’m just wondering what it’ll all lead to. Currently I don’t tell anyone what I do, unless someone mentions it first… and if I did mention tricking to anyone, I think the majority of them will think I’m a magician in training or something. *mark pulls another rabbit from his hat.

So if it did ‘blow up’… that means that ‘maybe’ the newbies could become the gurus for ‘then’… or maybe it’ll all be a bit passé by then? I dunno… either way I like the sound of it (not the guru bit, but the popularity bit)



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One response to “The Tricking Olympics?

  1. indeed it does sound good. I hear talk that they will just combine all of the different variations of tricking and clump into a single event under some new title that I don’t quite remember…but thatd be pretty sick to get the gold for tricking. And just remember, those of us who may be newbies look like newbies compared to really good people but to people that aren’t interested we ARE gurus :) all depends on the point of view

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