Martial Arts & Gymnastics Vs Free Running & Parkour

ok here’s a quick thought whilst having a shave this morning. Its about how I am seeking to run in the other direction from the hardest training sessions and head towards the more ‘fun’ ones. Yet my progress in learning has definitely been reached quicker by the former, more strenuous versions.

Why the urge to slack off and ‘muck about’ when I know I achieve more and feel more rewarded if I am pushed and stretched and come away from the evening moaning and aching in the morning? In fact if I wake the next day with legs so stiff that I struggle to climb the stairs… I do actually ‘love’ it, it feels soo good and I feel like I’ve actually ‘done’ something the day before.

Maybe I’m drawn towards the slacker sessions (as I shall now refer to them)… because I’m looking for something else.

Hmmm…. *mark thinks for a bit…

If we look at the structure, motivation and rewards for both methods of training:

Structured Training:

  • Consistent repitition and moving goals
  • Pushed by goals, other students and friends
  • Measureable (public & competitive)

Slacker Sessions:

  • Greater scope for experimentation and socially rewarding
  • Self Motivated
  • Personal Satisfaction

I guess the choice is down to the individual, and/or down to the options for training available … I know some places won’t even provide structured training even if there’s a demand for it.

.. and on the other side, there’s the social aspect of training together. Now I’ve been doing the structured stuff and now I’m drawn towards the slacker sessions, but I know I learn more and feel better afterwards by being ‘shown’ and forced to do stuff that I might not feel like doing.

I’m thinking about martial arts and gymnastics again here btw… Vs parkour and free running perhaps. One group of people are taught in a structured way and another group aren’t taught in a structured way. Which yields the better results? I dunno… down to the individual again isn’t it? Depending which group you belong to will depend on how you voice your loyalties in this debate.

I think I’m gunna leave it there. I had to qwert something, cause I didn’t want to forget it. I’ll probably return to this subject later, once I’ve thought about it.



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One response to “Martial Arts & Gymnastics Vs Free Running & Parkour

  1. Nathaniel

    you cleared nothing up and made no sense, in what aspect where you comparing besides the training? and you didint even come to a clear conclusion.

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