out of action?


I’ve not been to jumpclub for a week or more now, as I’m trying to lay off my dodgy arm and give it a rest. I’ve got an injury from years ago resurface from my days skating. One of the bones in my forearm was broken and not set straight before being cast. This means I’ve now got a slightly bent forearm and a 2 bones that go from the elbow to the wrist which don’t rotate very much (15% movement maximum). The bones have been locked together for at least 5years now and are probably very much fused together… if it wasn’t for the fact that I keep slamming occasionally on the board and cracking/tweaking my arm every few months. The video clip shows all:

Sooo… there’s me chucking a hefty round off backflip as usual one week and I knee myself in the forearm really hard… and now it hurts a lot to do anything weight related on my arms (handstands, cartwheels etc) .. booo! …. hence I’ve been shooting photos recently and not flipping out myself.

I’m tempted to give it a shot tomorrow night, tanked up on illegal doses of Neurofen, but really I know I should hide behind the lens a little more and rest it up. It really puts me off trying to concentrate and keep up with people flipping only to be frustrated by this weakness holding me back.

 I feel like such a lame assed wimp, moaning all the time. (here doesn’t count tho) ;)


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