Why ‘JumpClub’?

I coined the phrase, cause Gymnastics is gay*… and I don’t want to be a gymnast, and I don’t do martial arts (yet) … so I don’t ‘technically’ refer to what I’m doing as ‘tricking’ (as in the dictionary definition) … I could squeeze in a ickle bit of b-boy stuff, cause I used to do that… but i’d probably look like a tit, if I started that back up now (well you do anyway mark!)

‘JumpClub’ fits for me. I go to a gym regularly, and jump about, its that simple.

Anyways… its ‘ChuckNight’ again tonight and I’ve nowt planned but more of the same averageness with a splattering of reckless danger thrown in for good measure.

(* I don’t really think gymnastic’s is gay btw, I’m actually really jealous that I didn’t have a go at it 10yrs ago!)



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3 responses to “Why ‘JumpClub’?

  1. Em

    mark, *deep breath* (brace yourself for it…) when you say ‘gymnastics is gay’, what exactly do you mean by ‘gay’? (yes this is a philosopher asking!). i presume (from the context) you mean that it’s something that you wouldn’t want to admit to doing, or being seen doing, or that it has negative connotations, it isn’t ‘cool’ or ‘socially acceptable’, etc. but why choose the word ‘gay’? – i ask because i don’t think you mean ‘happy’ or ‘carefree’, or ‘homosexual’ to which the word generally refers. if it derives from the latter (‘homosexual’) and is therefore used in a negative way, i.e. something that you shouldn’t / wouldn’t admit to doing because it is embarrassing or wrong or something else that isn’t desirable, then surely we want to get away from connotating the word ‘homosexual’ with something that is ‘bad’ or ‘socially undesirable’. yeah i know it is all that being ‘p-c’ and stuff but i think that we just have to try really hard sometimes to break the old attitudes and stereotypes. unless , of course that you are quite happy to associate being gay (homosexual) and being undesirable. which is fine (though that would be another topic of discussion…)

    just a thought and genuine question. you might think i’m making a mountain out of a molehill but i’d appreciate your thoughts on this.

  2. 2 reasons… the first…

    I blame my parents. Picture it; 3 brothers, shaven heads, tattoo’s, smoke, drink, do the same jobs, hard as nails, bits of ford escort in their pockets and oil under their finger nails all day long, pretty much as monosylabalic as they come… complete neanderthals.. and where any sign of non masculine creativity and free expression is seen as ‘gay’ and you’ll go some way to understanding the level of mentality that I was brought up with. I am being sarcastic (not sure that’s the right word) when I say gymnastics is gay.. I don’t think it is at all.

    … the second reason…

    I wrote it to provoke a reaction (as with many things I say on here) :)

  3. Em

    yeah, okay. your provocation was obviously too irresistable for me (as are many things about you!) ;o)

    i guess i just had my work hat on that day – it was a friday afternoon and i was trying to do work without actually doing any – hence the philosophical interrogation!

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