Shot some experimental photography a bit last night. I hit up a zillion strobe flashes, trying to detatch the retinas of all who stood infront my flash gun. Nothing, repeat NOTHING good came of it. Need a black sky/background for that shizzle really. bleh. ahh well.

A coupla shots here tho.. but I’m gunna be rocking the lens a fair bit, as I wanna capture more!

Going for a roll tonight. Sweet, cameras loaded and ready to rock and swiss roll! Expect evidence. Stop. Carry on.

Whatsherface spinning mental like she does:

Kung Foo Kim rocking the inverted splits as she does:

‘enry eyeing up a double back… he chickened out tho, the queen.

Myself by Jason, punched in the face with a overloaded Nikon SB-800


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  1. some pretty sweet pics man haha especially that look on your face

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