neck hurts & Dr sucks…

So I’ve landed on my head a few times and now my neck hurts a fair bit, I’m thinking I should go see the Dr or at least one of those bone clicking specialists and let them have a poke about …. hmmm…. maybe it’ll go away all by itself??

Happens to everyone surely oui? 

I don’t like Dr’s. Well actually I don’t like my Dr. Infact, whenever I go to the Dr’s I say to the receptionist, ‘can I please see a Dr? any Dr, as long as its not ‘my’ Dr?’ … i generally get a funny look at that point, but they continue anyway.

Y’see… ‘my’ Dr (Dr Welford btw) … is a bit of a hippy. He thinks that he can cure most minor and major illnesses with a little dab of cream and some rest. Now I don’t know about you, but I only go to the Dr when I have a ‘real’ problem… eg: one of my legs have fallen off. So when I do go, I really like to be ‘treated’ with lots and lots of some good ole genetically modified prescription narcotics. Hmmm yummy!

Not this herbal rubbish that my Dr insists can ‘heal the world’…. I don’t wanna heal the world… no.. I just wanna take a placebo, feel sorry for myself, and go lie down in a darkened room, be waited on by friends and relatives and recieve lots and lots of sympathy. Is that too much to ask? I think not.

Therefore… My Dr sucks major balls. And I hope he reads this and realises, that not everyone loves his hippy shit medicine and to start being a real Dr before he loses all his patients.

(i could technically change Dr’s, but thats another story) …

My neck hurts again now, I’m going to go lie down.

(JumpClub again tomorrow… weeeeee!… looking forward to it)

ouch – mark.


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One response to “neck hurts & Dr sucks…

  1. dude that sucks…but yeah cream doesn’t usually fix broken bones and what not..get a new doc

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