Movie editing

So far, I’ve produced a few video’s of me spinning. The results are average, but I’ve learnt a lot. I’d like to share what I’ve learned about editing movies in the short time I’ve been doing it.

Prior to all this, the mission begins with enough decent footage. We can’t do anything impressive afterwards, it all needs to be done in front of the lens. That said, here’s a few thoughts;

1. Music first.
The 18th vid here, is the first clip I’ve made that started with the music. And its made a big ‘visual’ difference. Timing the editing with the jumps makes the movie flow better and makes you think about what should go where based on the tempo of the track. I will always start with music first from now on.

2. Dump that beginner editing package.
When my bro wanted a photo editing package I initally held back from giving him photoshop, cause I thought it was too ‘pro’ for him. He taught me a good lesson, he said ‘I don’t now how to use any package, so why not just show me how to use the best?’. So I did. Same with editing packages, unless you’re using the best software you can get your hands on, you will eventually run in to problems restricting what you want to do. I use Premiere, get it, buy it, download it, steal it, sell a kidney to afford it… you won’t regret it ever!

3. No effects.
Not always, but mostly then suck. A little slo-mo, a little colour adjustment and thats it. Effects only work well in small amounts, and detract from the actual footage you want people to concentrate on.

4. Titles/Credits
Basically pointless unless you’ve done a huge production with a crew of people that all ‘need’ thanking. 1 simple title at the beginning and end (using a font that people can read) is all that’s needed. Downloading time is pretty valuable, so waiting for 30secs of titles to flow by before watching is a bitch… and the same with 30secs of credits at the end.

5. Edit and Experiment frequently.
Its really easy to forget how to do something you’ve just learned and similarly its really easy to not learn anything cause you’re afraid of wrecking your masterpiece. Save a copy, and butcher it to death with effects and settings and cuts and speeds, make a note of what works well, remove everything and start again using just the good stuff.

That’ll do I think.


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