the 18th hole…

#18 has gone online tonight, and I’m really happy with this one. Not the vid, that’s rubbish as usual. This time I started with a track in Premier and edit the clips to it instead of just picking out some random rubbish at the end of it.

Going to do em that way from now onwards.

The most notable achievement from that clip is the round off back full twist attempt. Pure Ghetto chuck and hope, but it came round in time and now I wanna get better at them.




Filed under Gymnastics, technique, youtube

2 responses to “the 18th hole…

  1. some good stuff there but just a suggestion for the video part, less random black slides…kinda hurts the eyes after a while haha…otherwise good stuff there man keep it up

  2. Sorted it… should be easier to watch now. thanks for that.

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