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Not sure what I’m going to write about here,

…hopefully something will spring to mind as I start. I’ve been watching a few vid’s from Dogens site last night… learning about Blocking and the J-Step and various other insightful things.

Take the concept of Blocking for example, I recall being told about changing the angle of take off a few coupla months ago and all thanks to the guy and stuff but I couldn’t grasp what the hell he was on about.

Now I’ve watching the Dogen tutorial, its as clear as day.

I’m planning to try the technique out tomorrow. I’m going to ask the coaches about it too. If I think about what I have to do, it appears completely wrong in my head and ‘shouldn’t’ work… but it so clearly does.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Another thought that’s been through my mind is Taekwondo… and do I give it a go, or do I not? ‘not’ sounds like it’ll be closely followed by ‘regret’… but I know myself well, and I know I don’t do things unless its a spontaneous thought, or unless I can commit to it fully.I wished I’d taken a martial art years ago… I recall having the thoughts at least 10yrs ago. Isn’t that ‘want’ enough? It should be. But I don’t know.

Maybe I should just shut up and go for it? And if I wuss out and stop, then so be it.

Actually, I’m not a quitter, and I know I’ll try and continue it for as long as it takes, but something else in my life will have to give way… I’ve postponed decorating my home for 4yrs because I don’t have time… i’ve even postponed relationships because ‘I don’t have time’… maybe its time to draw the line and say ‘enough’ hah… but meh… its progression, and thats me… sod the rest, that’s how I feel about it. So maybe, just maybe.

what else?(nothing really.)

Been hanging about youtube all day, watching various tricking vids…. that ‘anis’ guy is amazing. Grr… damn those martial arts dudes and their superior techniques! why the hell didn’t my ‘rents force me to do that stuff when I was a nipper… hehe :)

Right, I’m bloody happy with WordPress btw.. I’ve known about it for ages, and have only just got right into using this ‘space’… its really good and i’m loving using it. Might set up more blogs and experiment. Enough! I’m gunna go format this entry.

later – mark



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2 responses to “Dogen, Taekwondo, WordPress

  1. Johnny Angel

    Yeah the Dogen tutorials are of supperior quality, was just reading threw your blog don’t feel bad man I’ve been practicing tricking for about 8 months and I’m just getting to the point where I can 540 and I almost landed an aerial last night so they should be arriving in the next month or so. Hey your back flips are pretty tight to learn the martial tricks I would suggest practicing crescent kicks, working those till you feel comfortable then moving to tornado kicks. As well b-kicks are stupid easy. Really.


  2. I don’t even know what half those trick names are btw. But yeah.. good words. I’ve not even considered a ‘kick’ at anything yet. In time tho I’m sure.

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