The gym returns!


back at the gym now after the xmas holiday, and damn its good to be there! I hadn’t been flipping for 3wks due to illness before xmas, and as a consequence after 2nd Jan’s session, the next morning, my muscles ached like fuck! shit me backwards…. the back of my legs are still hurting now, some 5 days later. Feels ace tho.

Anyways, just thought I document what I’ve learnt over the past 6 months I’ve been training, essentially its everything, but here’s the list:

Walking handstands (yeah I really couldn’t do them before)
1 handed cartwheels (both ways, either hands)
Front handsprings
Backflip fulltwist
Bios/Barrel rolls

and a buncha other stuff which I can nearly get, front full twists, arabians, flash kick…

… anyway… that list may not look like much, but damn I stoked on it. tbh just being able to do a round off backflip seemed impossible 6months ago! Now I know I haven’t filmed one for a while, but trust me, they’ve got some height on them now! <– mighty happy.

For 2007, I basically have a few more goals to set myself… elusive ‘wallflip’ is coming… sucks that the coaches won’t let you train them at the gym. But meh, I’ll still do em. no-handed cartwheels and/or a decent side flip… and well thats all I’m itching for atm… mostly I wanna tidy everything up and get it all connected on the floor, so it flows good. Oh and back handsprings… can’t believe I haven’t got those swines dialled yet. Sucks. Need serious work in that dept.

Other things on my mind: Phil (the guy that runs the gym) has given me the all clear to design a new website for the Gymnastics centre. They can’t technically have anything to do with the development, because the council won’t allow them (red tape etc) … however, I can go ahead and build my own version covering the adult gym sessions and all the facilities that are available inside under my own domain and release it too the public.

Which means, in future, I’ll be working on getting some decent photography happening… so I need volunteers to get ‘clicked’… I wanna get some decent ‘strobe flash’ action happening… something like this:

Jay Tramping

I think its the best/nicest way to capture motion properly. oui?

ok I think I’m done here.

until next time :)


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