everybody was kung foo fighting.

ell not technically. But one thing i am aware of is the martial arts element of tricking that I very lack. I’m very aware that I have zero style and composure in the air and how I really need to have some kind of formal training either in a martial art or gymnastics in order to sort that out.

the problem is I am neither interested in learning to fight or be a graceful gymnast. That doesn’t stop me in being interested tho.

I developed a taste for Taekwondo, and am researching a club near me to go to.  Whether I actually go along to a class is another thing, but at least I’m thinking in the right direction.

The appeal of tricking is not going to last long if I end up looking like a piece of crap in the air, or continue to be disappointed at not being able to do some of the more technical moves because I’ve missing a vital piece of knowledge.

This has now got me thinking about whether all this tutition is actually necessary, and why am i even thinking that it is?? why do I even care about fitting into what every one else is doing? I’ve never conformed to anything before, why should I bother now?

whilst I know its best to have a formal grounding in a discipline in order to maintain longevity of interest, I am aware of the fluctuations of social popularity of these things, as I’ve been through it all before with breakdancing years ago. I remember walking with my mates and vowing ‘never’ to give up doing it. We promptly all gave up and started doing something else. Why should tricking be any different?

I also look at parkour in much the same way. Whenever I see/hear of if, I think of a large number of kids/young people running about pointlessly, largely because they have nothing better to do. Don’t get me wrong I think free running is great, and I am fully aware of all the positives it brings to people. However its the ‘fad-ness’ of it which bothers me. Could I bring myself to do it? Yes and no. Yes, but I would punk out and either do it alone, or seek out a serious one or 2 like minded thinkers and train with them only. Or no, not at all, because because the running and climbing element doesn’t interest me in the slightest at all.

what am I getting at here? well I think I going to continue flipping but under my terms, I’m probably going to worry myself about which group I actually fit in to less and concentrate more on just enjoying what I do.

why do I do what I do? because I’m skating less and less and I want to remain fit effortlessly, just like I’ve been used to for the last 20yrs.

I’ve typed enough, no-one reads this anyway. not even me.

Another gainer vid up on youtube btw: http://www.youtube.com/flipcatch


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  1. Tae Kwon Do is very good for fitness, flexibility and confidence. I strongly recommend that you join a good club and get some solid foundations. Once you reach a good rank (at least 3rd Kup or above) then you’ll be able to bend the rules a bit and adapt styles and moves to your body structure.

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