the spinning continues…

well yes its been a while. A few things have changed, I’m now no longer self unemployed, I’m beginning grafting for a living as from Monday. I’m also still regularly hitting up the jumpclub and sweating me nads off, trying to do stuff an old git really shouldn’t be doing imo.

The pluses? I now have a 6pack. Its been missing for a coupla years, and its nice to see it return. Jumping twice a week isn’t enough, I really need to be stretching and getting my ‘spin on’ once a day, if I’m to make the progress I really want.

New vids are still being added to my youtube page:

My technique for backflips is evolving for the better. I’m now arching up higher than normal and delaying the rotation. I may not have many moves atm, but I’m going to make sure that all those I do aquire are as stylish as I can make them.

I’m also still checking out youtube frequently… and can often spend a good coupla hours a day (particularly on a monday/tuesday) sifting through all the freshly uploaded content from around the world. I’m keeping an eye on those castle park trickers that visit the gym, hello if any read this… keep it up, i’m always inspired by you lot and I’m kept motivated by all the advanced moves that I’m wishing to attempt.

what else? I dunno I think that will do for now. I just wanted to update this. I’ll try not to leave it so long next time.


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