flipping for england

Now there may be a lack of activity on the blogging front but there’s no let up in the attendence. Tuesday nights session was distinctly ‘bloke heavy’ … not my personal preference, but the flippage was very interesting to say the least. A number of parkour and martial arts guys turned up and whilst being not as supple as the locals, they certainly spun about like some crazy assed ninjas!

One of the most notable moments of the night was learning ‘Bio’s’ or ‘barrel rolls’ over a foam box… and whilst I couldn’t really land it perfectly without touching it, I did have the technique dialled and was able to show others how to spin it. No video evidence unfortunately, but soon there will be. Possibly tonight. I have still been capturing footage tho and they can all be seen on my youtube page.

ok that’s it for now. later people – mark

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Filed under Martial Arts, parkour

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