a good night out…

a damn good session at jumpclub tonight. Started with a really good warmup and then on to the conditioning, where we got worked really hard. I have to admit that its the part I like best tbh (on a tuesday I mean). We worked a lot on the abs and leg stretches, which are my weak areas. No better feeling than having a painful stomach after doing all that!

This might be a good time to stress how much I love jumpclub atm. I can’t wait for tuesdays and thursday to come around and if I ever have to miss a class, I’m gutted. I really love going and killing myself for an hour and a half, sweating buckets and feeling destroyed at the end of it. Then going on to the free time session and testing myself as much as possible. There’s a massive feeling of danger and fear, as I attempt something new (like a gainer for example)… I don’t get that fear much with skating now… so its good to experience it again. There’s also so much I want to learn. Seeing all those parkour guys chuck emselves about, is really inspiring. I’ve been meaning to go to castle park and watch some of them at the weekend.

anyways… tonight I worked a lot on frontflips, handsprings, round-offs and cartwheels to start with. Then tried a few nohanded cartwheels, which I sucked at and also some side flips (not sure what the proper name is yet). After all that I got back on to the roundoffs to backflip…. did a whole bunch of those and felt real comfortable again. No footage sadly, but jason documented the night as he hurt his leg, and also filmed us chucking a coupla backflips simultaneously. (like some kinda gay display team) Funny tho… I bet I’ll see that footage in like 10yrs or something.

I’m done. Promise to film something.


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