neck clickin…

Thursdays ‘JC’ was eventful. That’s ‘eventful’ in the neck creakingly painful ‘warning sign’ to how dangerous chucking yourself randomly any way you feel in the air and hoping you’ll land the right way up, I mean.

There’s me throwing a front full twist on to a mat and landing on my head. Neck crunching and now it hurts to look behind me to reverse the car. Bah. May need to see an osteopath about that one.

Anyways… a good night again. Jason filmed loads cause he’d hurt his knee the week before, but as usual I’ll never get to see the footage. More flips from me off the horse this time, loads of backflips as usual, plus we had a frontflip session, trying to get them higher and more perfected.

Btw – people have contacted me about going to Castle park and meeting up, but that doesn’t interest me in the slightest sorry. Cause I skate, I hang about with young people way too much as it is… I’d rather flip out with adults in safety at the gym than, jump in the sand with the kids. Cheers for the offer anyway. Plus I wanna get a lot better before I start running about publicly.

Sooo, enough yakking, another clip up on youtube:

I’m enjoying the muck about with Premier learning how to edit just as much as the jumping tbh… I’ve always wanted to edit, it seems I’m finally getting the chance to learn.



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