not so good…

last night wasn’t such a good one. I landed on my head trying a roundoff backflip and robbie almost completely forgot how to backflip, landing on his head once and virtually chucking every other one of them totally wrong.

big alarm bells rang for me. showing that no matter how much I think I’d got the hang of this, I clearly haven’t completely yet. Back to the drawing board (crashmats) I think.

When we started the evening there was only 4 of us there, tho the numbers gradually grew as the warmup began. by 10 past 8 there was probably 15 people of various degrees of ability. A number of beginners appeared again. I like them being there. I want more beginners to go… I love the social aspect of seeing more people and watch how they develop. A few of the locals were absent that night tho, but theres 2 that never seem to miss a session. I learned their names were Raj and Jazz. 2 bro’s who egg each other on, wind each other up and chuck buckets of personality around the place. Good stuff.

I wanted to try a wallflip, but for some reason the coaches, don’t like people doing that, they saw me and robbie setting up the mats on the wall and said ‘no’ …… grr. I also had a go at a butterfly twist I think its called. Me and Jazz tried em for a while on to a mat. He can spin them fully horizontally, whilst i’m pretty close to landing them, but slightly off axis. A few of them I chucked whilst figuring it out, turned out to be a kind of nohanded cartwheel / sideflip… which was nice.

More of that evidence to come. Which reminds me, I’d forgotten to get the camera out again. Next time tho I promise.

Oh… and I’ve been using windows movie maker for a while to edit clips together and have really gotten used to it. Tho now I’ve got a copy of Premier to use, hopefully I’ll be able to get to grips with that and vastly improve the quality of the edits.

mark :)

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