stunned, completely…

I’m still amazed that if you put ‘bristol tricking‘ in to google you get my site up as the first link. C’mon people, I don’t even class myself as a ‘tricker’ really… just an old git that jumps about in a gym and for some reason I’m the only person in the planet that shows up in bristol under tricking. How bent/surprising is that?? …., hmm….. well I guess someone has to be first…. I’m sure its only just  a matter of time tho.

I’m off into town tomorrow to buy a pair of white shorts… I’ve decided I look better in white :) lol.  (good vs evil and all that etc, I think it is)

Also went for a job interview today that’s in Taunton, tho I’m not that stoked cause its bloody miles away from bristol.

jumpclub tomorrow. sweet can’t wait… hope to get wallflips or no handed cartwheels maybe….. fingers crossed.


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