Back at it…

After a week of absence, I’m back at it. Jumping last night in Bristol. No footage again sadly, but it was good to get a decent workout again. They’ve started stepping up the conditioning and its really starting to hurt now. They are either focussing on the Abs a lot, or I’m blocking out ever other excerise because my abs are hurting too much on the night. I’m also seeing the results of training with my arches and my splits. The arches particularly are rewarding, as I could hardly hold one up for 2 seconds when I started, now I’m nearly there for 10seconds and the hold is much easier.

Meeting the other people at the place is something I’m enjoying a hellava lot. Its so refreshing to be meeting adults rather than hanging out in skatepark talking to kids and young people who I really don’t have much connection with.

Today (Wed) I’m off wakeboarding, so I’m getting off this pc now, but I’m looking forward to tomorrows jumping. can’t wait.




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2 responses to “Back at it…

  1. Mark

    hi i searched google for adult gymnastics bristol and this came up, i was wondering when and where u train and is it open? i do taekwondo and have dabbled at parkour (although only vaults no flips or anythin) an was keen to learn, i thought at 21 i was maybe gettin a bit old for it but reading ur blog entries has given me new hope :D

  2. emailed you back man. 21 is 12yrs younger than me, so you ain’t too late to start… and taekwondo? you’ll fit right in, a few martial arts people use the facilities there as well.

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