Another day another jump…

Tuesdays here again. Jason phone me last night to see if I was going. He still hasn’t realised that I’m lovin it more than him, so there’s no way I’ll be missing a day unless I have to. Which reminds me, I’m missing all next week cause I have to go up to Durham next week with a mate and help him out with a job.

Anyways… because of that I’m determined to make this week count and to try some new stuff, possibly a gainer I believe its called (a running backflip)… and probably a round off backflip too. Will also need to do lots and lots of normal frontflips too…. cause those are pretty iffy atm… sometimes I get to my feet and sometimes I don’t… I really want consistancy there.

Again I’ll take the camera and try and capture some visual movement. Wanna keep documenting this as much as possible. I like seeing the progression.

later – mark


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Filed under filming, Flips, Gymnastics, technique

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