parkour vs tricking vs martial arts

Now I know Martial Arts is at the top of the ladder…. regarding respect, because of the years of deadication and discipline it requires. And Parkour I see a mass of kids doing it mostly, that have a tendancy to pick it up and drop it again whenever they feel like it. Making it the equivilent of riding a scooter in my book.

But where tricking sits, I’m not sure. Maybe its too young atm. Maybe its a healthy middle ground for serious athletes that want to train (without the fighting element) yet also wants a free outdoor release that isn’t as overrun with kids as Parkour is.

I can really see parkour and tricking going through massive phases, just like breakdancing has done….. Martial Arts will remain stable as always because of its history etc.

hmm anyways… this was just a thought whilst I was taking a shower.



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