well tucked off

last nights great session breakdown:

The warmup is still my favourite, still no visual progress with the splits tho, and I the next day, my legs aren’t really hurting which means I’m not pushing nearly hard enough. The conditioning is also enjoyable but too short imo… I need to do more of that stuff.

anyways. Today I wanted to be cautious, because I’d already spent the day skating in Chepstow and bouncing on my mates Trampoline. However this Tuesdays jumpclub turned out to be much more productive than I thought it would be. I worked in the foampit on my front sumi’s, this time doing away from nice tidy knee-grabbing tucks, and concentrating on ugly looking shin grabs with my head between the knees. The reason for this change is simple. My standard spin is too slow, and by parting the knee’s and shoving my head between them as I rotate the spin is considerably sped up. Soo… several successful attempts were  thrown on the main floor onto the crashmats. I also worked a little on my round-offs and oh yeah, sessioned the main foampit for round-offs to back sumi. Got em tucked nicely.

Again the Gym had a buncha new people there… really good to see that… me not feeling like a newbie is great. Last nights ‘jc’ was Jason, Robby, Joe, and myself.

No video footage sadly, as the time flew by so quickly. However check out my chilledheatmark youtube account for an edit of me earlier in the day rolling Chepstow instead.

out – mark


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