Week 3 progress…

A pretty agonising session last night. The work out was more strenuous than ever, and I’m feeling the effects of it this morning in my stomach and arms. Which is a good thing, cause thats my weakest area atm. Last night it was me, Robby, jason and 2 of robbys mates from work. These couple of new people allowed us to see how far we’d progressed, as they hadn’t done anything like this before. Dunno if they’ll return tho, I think they did it for a laugh.

Anyways… I was a bit crap with the ole front sumi’s and only landed a handful of decent ones, tho I did get my best ever front sumi with a half twist on the tramp, which was nice, and Jason learnt them too, but waaaay better than me… like he’d secretly been doing them in the swimming pool for years! B*stad :P

I’ve got a new edit up on youtube, take look here



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2 responses to “Week 3 progress…

  1. joe

    erm its not very clear on youtube but im training for the 2012 olympics in london and im a pro trampolininist heres my msn addy so if you want advice or just to talk about trampolining then add me oh yeah i do parkour aslwel and im only 13 14 in feb joe_yates17@hotmail.co.uk

  2. your email address doesn’t work joe. check it and get back to me. mark.

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