Jump Troosers!

Jump TroosersHooray they have arrived and I’m really happy with them.

They’re really lightweight and easy to move about in, loads of gusset space and no chance of getting bogged down with sweat at all. Sparkly white atm, but i’m sure they’ll dull down a bit after a few wears and washes.

They are like nothing I’d ever normally wear, which is great because they then have this ‘specific use’ feeling to them, and definitely not an everyday pair of trousers vibe.

I’ve already had a bit of a stretch about in them, and they feel excellent. The waist band is tight, but the width of the elastic is so big, (4inches) that the ‘tightness’ is spread out really well and therefore feel very natural and comfortable.

I was thinking about getting the legs taken up before I recieved them, as I knew they’d be too long. But after wearing, they actually feel ok. The fabric is so thin and lightweight that any overhang, isn’t noticed at all, unlike normal trousers.

I think I’m still going to jump in my shorts for now though, as its pretty warm in the gym, but once the weather changes, I’ll switch to these permanently.

out – mark :)


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